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ella 1397 days ago
I have never eaten an oyster.
ella 1383 days ago
ella 1368 days ago
<3 <3 I love u zach i'll make clothes with u so soon
ella 275 days ago
I am sorry @yoni i don’t know who you are but I just stole your idea for multicolored fonts and that’s called community and that’s called collaboration and that’s called Learning (please forgive me)
ella 252 days ago
thank you @yoni !! kind words! kind worms!
ella 138 days ago
thank you @yoni i'm so glad my custom bat mitzvah kippah has made it to your noble head! if you want like 15 more lmk!
ella 135 days ago
@chris i was thinking about flags of convenience and maritime freight transport yesterday & thought of you & missed you immensely