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Dear Diary:

06.13.2024 just got cavity filled by dentist (not euphemism)

The world is a thicket, all spiny and unhedged. You find a clearing and say, relieved, I will build a life here.

Analogy and metaphor are highly effective ways of dealing with disappointment. Therapists will help you scale emotional mountains but very few will take you bouldering. Now THAT’s food for thought – chew on THAT, baby boy. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

Trenchfoot is always a risk. Vector-borne illness is always a threat. Spider veins can indicate everything or nothing. Spiders themselves can indicate virtually anything, but only if you know how to read signs/portents.

There must be a coherent explanation for detachment, probably something grounded in particle physics. If I were smarter, I would have studied physics and gotten really into letters as stand-ins for numbers and accumulated all sorts of technical language for describing the spaces between things. If I had studied French philosophy or Japanese woodworking I might have accumulated technical language for describing the spaces between things.

I just got my fourth of four cavities filled. The dentist had to do them one at a time over the course of two months - my TMJ is so bad my jaw couldn’t stay open for more than an hour. I made a vague joke about my teeth being better suited to England than to Los Angeles. He snorted and said “that’s funny.”

I read an article recently about links between bad tooth hygiene and heart disease. Mouths, like estates, are inherited but require upkeep.